Saturday, March 27, 2010

I am back in the garden.

Today I was able to put in a full day of gardening. I took Benadril in the morning and with the help of gloves and a mask, it did the trick. I like to thank everyone that commented on my last blog entry and for all the good suggestions.

My main task today was to clean and upgrade all the flowerbeds in the backyard where the Easter party will be held next week (so far we have 25 RSVP and more are coming) Yesterday I stopped at Home Depot to restock on some of the plants I lost during the winter freeze and to buy plenty of mulch to slow down the weeds.

I replaced this Sword fern with a Mexican petunia and planted the fern in a container.

This area needed more mulch; the Impatiens on the bench will hold on for another couple of weeks, the afternoon sun is getting too strong for them.

This is my begonia corner; the giant white begonia in the back is beginning to bloom, I added a red begonia to replace one that I lost this winter. This area requires a lot of weeding; I am hoping that the extra mulch will hold them back.

My butterfly garden needed a major overhaul, I purchased 5 Milkweed plants, (A Monarchs butterfly was laying eggs as I was planting them) I also added Mexican heather, dwarf Ixora and Crown of Thorns, all butterfly and bee friendly.

A nice surprise, I found this orchid blooming behind the Staghorn fern.

Finally, to all the Jewish gardener in blog land, I hope you all have a Happy Passover..


Darla said...

Glad you were able to get in the garden. Everything looks great and what a nice place for a the frogs!

Sylvia said...

The garden is looking good...


Ami said...

Glad that you can go back to the garden to do what you loved again! I love how you divide your garden into different themes, and they all look beautifully. What kind of begonias do you have? Is that white one "dragon wing begonia"? I have a red one, similar to the one you just added. It is growing in a container, and become bigger and bigger. The flower is really attention grabber!

That orchid is real sweet surprise, very pretty! I love garden surprises!

The Rainforest Gardener said...

The gardens looking good! I can't grow orchids outdoors but maybe I can try the staghorn! I've seen many of those in the area.

Cheryl said...

Hi Rusty....glad you are back in the garden, it is looking good.

An orchid flowering behind a staghorn fern.....I can only dream.

keewee said...

I must say I love your garden, it is looking so pretty, and is a credit to all your hard work.

belle said...

Your garden is lovely, hope your guests enjoy the owrk that was put into this beauty.