Sunday, March 07, 2010

A weekend out on the town.

This weekend my wife and I decided to take some RR out on the town. The weather was excellent for outside activities. We had a perfect chamber of commerce weekend with temperatures from the low 40 at night to the mid sixties in the afternoon, and beautiful sunny days.

Yesterday we decided to bike over to our local U-pick farm located near our home. On the way we started with breakfast at Penera restaurant (my favorite coffee shop) later we stopped by the U-pick field. Unfortunate the selection was not very good; most of the crops were damaged by the last freeze. We picked strawberries and purchased tomatoes.

These strawberries should be ready to pick in a couple of weeks

This is the guardian of the fields.

That’s me looking at the bees in the flowers.

Today we drove to the town of Pinecrest located in the southern part of the county. The town was celebrating their annual festival “A taste of Pinecrest” at Pinecrest garden. This garden used to be the old Parrot Jungle tourist attraction. The city purchased the land a few years ago when the park moved to different location and opened the park to the public, keeping the old jungle atmosphere.
This is my first time in the garden, I was very impressed with the way the city has maintain the park, some of the trees on the property date back the 30’s when the Parrot Jungle tourist attraction was established.

The city holds a weekly farmers market on the property during the winter months.

There was lots of fun stuff for the kids and plenty of food from local restaurants for the adults.

There is very little activity at the DragonFly, I am waiting for the all clear from the weatherman before I start planting new plants in my garden. This year has been for the record books around here..


sanddune said...

I knew the old Parrot jungle had moved to Watson Island but did not relize the old site was still there as a park. Neat!

Randy Emmitt said...

Bet those fresh picked strawberries were yummy. Sounds like you have a nice weekend.

ChrisC said...

Picked strawberries once and that was enough for me.They tasted great but my rear end hurt for days.
That park looks wonderful!

Darla said...

Looks like a couple of nice outings for you and the wife! It's getting closer to having an all clear weather report for gardening..the weather has been weird for sure this winter..

Stone Art said...

Well isnt that 'guardian of the fields' a friendly looking fella. Not so much a 'scarecrow' but more a 'pleasebesokindastomovealongcrow'