Saturday, September 04, 2010

Change of plans

My first order of business this morning was to plant my Orange Geiger tree, the one I got at a tree give-a-way last week. I had a spot all set in the front garden, but it didn’t feel right, it looked a bit crowded. I decided to plant the Geiger tree in the courtyard outside my dining room. When it is mature, I will be able to see the beautiful orange flowers from inside the house.

I did some work in the courtyard--trimmed the bougainvillea, the fire dragon, and the ti bushes. I layed some mulch and pressure-cleaned the bricks.

Let me take you on a tour of the courtyard.

View from inside the house.

In this corner, I keep my collection of bonsai and succulents.

The fire dragon looks better during late spring and early summer. I rescued this yucca from a neighbor’s garbage can.

The St. Francis statute was a gift for my wife. St. Francis is her favorite saint and very appropriate for a garden. We Catholics know him as the patron saint of animals and the environment. The Saint Francis prayer is a favorite of mine.

This is the view of the backyard through the Mexican fire bush vine. Replacing the trellis where the vine is growing on is a future project.

The Dracaena Marginata plant was here when I purchased the house. It's not a favorite of mine but I left it there as a reminder of what was here before. Growing inside is a blue porterflower plant. I also added the Spanish moss to hide the lanky branches.

My dog Rosie supervised my work.

HAPPY LABOR DAY, ALL! I will be working in the garden preparing the vegetable beds.


Rainforest Gardener said...

Thanks for the tour! I haven't seen a full view like that before so it was nice to see the overall design!

My Little Family: said...

I hope you are able to do a pictoral when you replace that trellas. I will have to do the same in a couple years and would be interested to see how to do it with a beautiful, mature vine on it.

Aren't you also working on a co-workers garden? How is that going?

Floridagirl said...

Wow! What a beautiful courtyard and atrium. Love it! Everything looks so neat and clean and well-placed. I also love that vine-coverd archway in to the garden. Makes me want to follow those stepping stones right on out there.

Nicole said...

Your courtyard is looking very nice. Happy Labor day.

Antique ART Garden said...

What a special courtyard garden, very neat and tidy...unlike many areas of my yard at present. Thanks so much for the views, Gina

Ami said...

Thanks for the tour! Very neat and beautiful courtyard! Love your bosai and succulent collections.

I saw your comments about the wild orchid on my blog. This is the time the orchids should bloom. I actually saw the spent flower spikes before, must have missed it since they were hidden under the bush and the flowers are not siginificant either. So yours might also bloom soon. Wow, I am glad that I found another gardener who has this wild orchid in the garden!