Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Coleuses the ideal plant

In this corner of the garden is my collection of coleuses. Coleuses have a reputation as plants that just about anyone can grow. Give them good soil, fertilizer, and regularly watered, they will flourish in any garden. My zone 10B is ideal, especially during the summer months.
The best part about coleuses is how easy they propagate. Three or four inch long cuttings will produce roots, even in a glass of water. I pinch my plants to prevent flowering, it makes the color of the leaves much vivid.
I will away from the Blog for a few days. My wife and I are going to the Colorado Rockies to cool off for a few days from this hot and humid Florida weather. We hope to see the aspen trees at the peak of fall colors. (I will be taking pictures)


FLGardenGuy said...

I absolutely love Coleus. They make a great shade plant here in Florida. At my parents' house, I planted 6 inch tall plants in June and the summer rains and humidity have allowed them to flourish to full grown bushes. And they are constantly colorful.

Ami said...

I recently started appreciting the beauty of the coleus, and have been collecting more colors for my shady spot. You have a very nice collection.

Have a good vacation, and looking forward to seeing the pictures of the autumn.

Bernie said...

I just have to agree ... I'm a big fan of Coleus. They really are just the easiest, most striking plant to grow.

Enjoy your break!

Darla said...

They are great plants. Have a fun and safe trip!

Susan said...

Oh, I'm looking forward to the colorado pics. Can you bring some of the cooler weather back with you? Yes, you're right...coleus is a great plant in the garden.

George Africa said...

Hi Rusty; Don't know where my 1st response went. Possible frost in Vermont tonight so no more coleus if it happens. Today would have been a great day to take cuttings.

Have you ever looked at ? Interesting colors available now.

Goerge Africa
The Vermont Gardener