Saturday, September 11, 2010

From one now there are eight.

I started with one banana tree three years ago, and now I have eight.

This is the last of my three producing trees this year. Banana trees are messy and my city issued garbage container is not big enough.

There are eight trees in three different stages of growth, and several buds popping out of the ground. Before the banana was planted I had heliconias in this corner of the garden and they continue to pop out of the ground among the banana trees.

Flower of the week

This Taca is from my dad’s garden. I got two tacas a couple of years ago, one I planted in my back garden and the other was for him. Two years later my is dead and look at his (Who is the better gardener? And the man is 97 years old)

Today I hired a company to replace my rain gutters; after several hurricanes and 20 years of service it was time for new ones.

My rain barrels should be able to catch all the water.


The Florida Blogger said...

The rain catcher is a very cool idea, espcially if you have lots of watering to do.

Antique ART Garden said...
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Antique ART Garden said...

Sorry about last comment, mis-spelling so I'll try again. Just wrote that I should grow a banana tree as I eat one every day. not want anymore messy plants in my garden..and don't believe SC is tropical enough for them. There ya go, Gina

Ami said...

That taca is gorgeous! Never seen anything like that. Beautiful and unique flower!

Rainforest Gardener said...

I'm sure you already mentioned it, but what kind of bananas are those? I just ate dinner the other night at a latin joint that grows bananas and plantains in their lot, and they use the fruit on the side of their dishes. I really wanted to ask them what varieties they had too, since they did pretty well through winter.

Alison said...

How do you get your bananas to ripen? I always "harvest" mine but they never turn yellow.

Heather said...

Lucky you - can't "do" bananas here but they sure look great!

David, Melanie and family said...

Hi Rusty,
Do you have plantain type bananas?
I have some here, but they did not taste very good when we tried to eat them. I think they are the Orinoco variety.

I've never seen a 'real' Taca growing in a garden...only pictures of the plant. I didn't realize they also has beautiful leaves beside that otherworldly bloom. thanks for posting.
David/ Tropical Texana/Houston