Saturday, April 30, 2011

Food and Garden Festival at Fairchild Garden

Today I visited the Botanical Gardens of Fairchild for their Food and Garden Festival. Featuring their 32nd annual Spring plant sale. The weather was hot but the food and plants made up for it.

Local honey from Miguel's bees

One of my favorite sellers is the Redland Organic Herb Farm, the owner Carolyne is a wealth of information on how to take care and cook with the plants. I purchased shives, and yerva buena

Only looking none followed me home

Art at Fairchild

These are the plants that followed me home, among them a succulent and a new bromeliad


sherryocala said...

VERY interesting plants, Rusty. Looks like you chose some good ones, but I think someone spattered some paint on that tall one. he-he

Susan said...

Hi Rusty...It looks like you found a nice selection of new plants. Succulents are quickly becoming a new obsession for me. I remember when you attended this festival last year. That orchid was a had great restraint where it was concerned. Enjoy your new plants.

SiestaSister said...

You found a very unusual bromeliad.

Don't you just love plant sales! Really wish I had more $$ to spend at them.