Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pictures from a different angle

My new tenet

Got you!!!!

Finally one gardenia

The flowers in this bromeliad look like little chicks waiting for food

Kings mantle


Sandy said...

Your garden is just beautiful... and you have white Trumpets.. mine, pink, has been in full bloom all week. Also my gardenia bush has had literally about 60 blooms and today they are starting to fade. That makes me sad because the fragrance is just wonderful...
come by and see the photos.

Darla said...

Great the bromeliad photo!

NanaK said...

Never made the "little chicks" connection with the brom blooms. Now, I see them! Great blooms you have.

Susan said...

You've got so many beautiful blooms in your garden. I'm glad to see you got at least one gardenia. The plants I've seen around town up here are loaded this year. It seems like more than usual. I love your new tenet.

Sandra said...

Very interesting plants ! Love all those fabulous colors !
It's indeed beautiful !