Saturday, May 28, 2011

Caladiums on sale

This morning I visited my local Home Depot. I needed a few items for the garden (not plants) and guess what? The Caladiums were on sale. BINGO!!! I had the perfect place for them. The flower bed next to the back porch was in desperate need of something that could grow in partial shade. This was not part of my plans for today but you've got to take advantage of good sales.

I also replanted all the bromeliads around the water fountain
There were many Monarch butterflies flying around today. Some were newborn, like this one

The grass was cut today and the garden looks great, ready for a Memorial Day picnic

I hope you all have a happy and safe Memorial Day Holiday


NanaK said...

Your garden is looking very ready for entertaining. Love how neat and clean it all is. The new caladiums are perfect for that space and your brom area with the fountain is wonderful.

Hope Memorial Day in your garden is all you want it to be.

sherryocala said...

Rusty, you did good with those caladiums. That spot is now a highlight of your garden. Of course, the whole garden is a highlight. It looks wonderful - ready for a picnic!

Susan said...

How find caladiums on sale. Just the perfect finishing touch. Hope you had a great picnic.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog on blotanical. You have a beautiful garden, and I completely agree with the idea of not passing up a sale -- especially for caladium! I'm on Long Island, I my caladium are from bulbs purchased in Home Depot in Ft. Lauderdale. It's my piece of Florida in New York. Cheers!

David said...

Wow Rusty,
Your garden looks good!
I can grow caladiums in clay pots as long as I have a bottom tray and keep it filled with water. Otherwise they dry out.
Take care and hope you get rain.