Saturday, May 21, 2011

Front yard maintenance

Today the garden work was dedicated to the front yard

First on the agenda was trimming the powderpuff tree
This time of the year, keeping the garden weed free is a daily chore.

Cleaning the bromeliads was also on the agenda. This time I used my new super long sleeve gloves, a Christmas gift from my daughters. No painful scratches.

Rain lilies are the flower of the week. The flowers are everywhere in the garden, usually they bloom after a big rain. This year they got tired of waiting, it has been more than three weeks since the last time we got some significant rain.

The drought continues in South Florida, May 16 was supposed to be the first day of the rainy season but there is no rain in the forecast for the near future. The rain barrels are empty.


Ami said...

We do need some serious rain badly, don't we? Love all those red Fireball spitting out your welcome pot, with rainlily around it. I also have a welcome pot in my front garden, only I planted Aptenia cordifolia 'Red Apple' in it. I recently bought some rainlily, but planted in a rather shaded area. They don't have any flowers yet. How much sun does your rain lily get? I would love to know. looks like yours got more sun than mine do.

ChrisC said...

We have drought on the west coast of Florida,too.And they say no rain until Friday,at the earliest.Gardening can be a chore in this weather,can't it?

NanaK said...

Your front gardens are looking so nice. I love the rain lily edging. I have a few but now I want an edging like yours!:)

We need rain too. We did get 2+ inches a little over a week ago that filled my rainbarrels but that is almost gone now. Without rain, watering becomes the main thing I do in the garden. Not much time for anything else. Come on June rains!

Susan said...

Hey Rusty...You've been very busy getting your garden in shape for summer. I can't believe your rain lillies are blooming without rain. Mine won't even bloom after a rain :-(

I had to laugh at your powderpuff in the central part of the state they only grow to be a large bush before they freeze to the ground. It seemed funny to think of them as a tree. Glad to hear you survived your encounter with the razor sharp broms. Everything is looking so nice.

PJ @ Outdoor Garden Decor said...

Let's dance the Rain Dance together!
Here in North Houston where I am living it has rained (some) for only one day since mid January.
Happy Gardening
Paula Jo

Darla said...

Everything looks good despite the missing rain...we are experiencing a drought here in North FL as well.