Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Flower of the week Rangoon Creeper

Pictures don’t do justice to this vine, so this time I did a video.

This plant is without question the most labor-intensive plant in my garden. It requires constant pruning, is messy and it multiplies all over the garden.
The benefits outweigh the hard work, especially during this time of the year. The vine is full of blooms all summer long, and the aroma is intoxicating in the early morning and early evening. The flowers open in white, and as the sun comes up they turn to pink and finally red at the end of the day.
The creeper goes by many names, it all depends where you come from. In Cuba my parents used two different names Picuala or Jasmin Manzano. This vine is found in the Philippines, India, Malaysia and most tropical countries.
For small birds it's a great hiding place.


sherryocala said...

That's a very pretty plant, Rusty. I love the red and white flowers blooming at the same time. The fragrance sounds wonderful.

Darla said...

That is a really neat vine!

NanaK said...

Your vine is huge! I just got some cuttings from a friend. Hope they take.

Susan said...

It is a beauty, Rusty. I love the way the flowers change color....just stunning!

Brenda said...

I love the smell of this vine. It is wonderful.
It grows here where I live in Sonora, Mexico and is in a lot of the yards.