Sunday, July 24, 2011

Killing the grass

This weekend I started the process of taking out the grass for my expanded vegetable garden.
I will be adding two 4 x 6 raised beds and containers along the wall. The containers will be for the herbs and small fruit trees, like the key lime tree in the picture.

I plan to enclose the vegetable garden with another gate like this one at the other end. As you can see the Mexican flame vine is already growing very nicely.

I took out most of the ferns from the back part of the garden,

and will be transplanting most of this coleuses and other plants from this bed to the back.

I want to add another raised bed on this spot. This area is going to be a challenge, during the winter months it has shade all day long. Any idea what will be the best choice for vegetables or herbs to grow here??

It is way too hot outside to work in the garden these days, so I am taking a few days off from the garden and the the blog. I will be working on a few indoor projects that I have been procrastinating on.

Stay cool, and I'll see you soon.


Susan said...

It is a bit too hot to work outside these days. Looks like you're going to have a nice-sized space for more plants in your side garden.

Colleen said...

Rusty, How are you killing the grass? I have some large areas of grass that I want to plant my 'potted or raised' garden. I need all the advice I can get, here in SWFL.
Stay cool. Love your garden.

Darla said...

It is too hot to garden. Your grounds look so good.

Anonymous said...

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