Saturday, July 16, 2011

Making room

I decided to move my collection of coleuses, currently located on the north side of the garden to the back corner of my back yard. Preparing this new location is going to be a lot work, my original plans for that plot was to let it go wild, and unfortunate it did with overgrown ferns, (not a favorite) so the wild idea is out the window. I also came to the conclusion that a wild area doesn’t fit in my small urban garden (sorry little critters you are about to be evicted by the mean old gardener).

This is all I could do today, only one hour’s worth of work. The heat and humidity was too much for my 58-year-old body. I’ll do some more tomorrow

The reason that I’m moving the coleuses out of this area of the garden is due to my plans to expand the vegetable garden. I’m thinking of getting rid of most of the grass and putting in five raised beds. It will be a long and ambitious project with a completion date of mid October. It will be close, the college football season starts September 1.


SiestaSister said...

I think it is a great idea to replace the lawn with raised beds. I would love to replace a good deal of our lawn. Unfortunately I have a partner who thinks he needs to have a lawn to look at.
Hope you get it done before football season.

ChrisC said...

We have raised beds,and love 'em.
It is too hot and humid to do anything but sit by the pool and read.
Yea! for football season returning!

Nicole said...

good luck with your veggie gardening.

NanaK said...

Gardens are always changing aren't they? I look forward to seeing your veggie gardens take off. I agree that it is too hot to garden more than an hour in the morning. But, I have so much I want to get done. Thank goodness football season won't interfere with MY time in the garden once things cool off a bit:)

Landscape Design By Lee said...

I just found your blog and it is wonderful! I just finished writing a blog story on dragonflies. They are so fascinating to watch in the garden. Your gardens are lovely!

Paula Jo @ Home and Garden Decor said...

Hello Rusty,
I hope for you will be able to finish your project in time before College Football season will start. ;)
But hopefully you won't be too busy to keep posting about the progress of building the raised veggie beds and more pictures of your beautiful backyard.