Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy summer solstice from Miami

Today is the first day of summer or as is better known as the Summer Solstice.  For those of us from the land of never ending summer is another hot and humid day, only a little bit longer.
 The longest day of the year started this morning sunny and beautiful, perfect for photo time.  By midday the thunderstorms came rolling in from the west over the Everglades and the skies opened up.  I lost count of how many days in row we had rain this month, typical summer weather   

Many bees in the garden this morning, do you think the knew the importance of the day?

 By the time I noticed this dragonfruit flower it was too late

Summer solstice day was a perfect day for spring cleaning.  Before it rained I had time to clean my garden shed and my outdoor working area. Good times!!!

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