Sunday, June 08, 2014

Peaceful Kingdom

The lazy days of summer are settling in, and the DragonFly garden is turning into a peaceful kingdom.  The gardening duties are down to a couple hours of maintenance in the early morning, while the rest of the day is spent taking pictures and admiring the scenery. 

The bees are gorging on the plentiful nectar from the Blue Porterweed flowers.

The butterflies are back.
Zebra Longwings


 The Monarch butterflies are laying eggs on the Milkweed.
 New residents arrive every day, as the Milkweed disappears.

 A family of Blue Jays; patrol the air, keeping predators away.

 Lizards keep order on the ground.

The army of mercenary lady bugs; have moved on to battle enemies in other gardens.

The snail rebellion was crushed and driven underground, when the king put his foot down. (Pictures are too graphic to be shown on this blog) 
All in all, life is good in the Kingdom (unless you are a snail)

Happy Father’s Day 


LostRoses said...

That's my favorite part - sitting back and enjoying the flowers and the critters. Looks great!

Sheri - Creative Spaces of S. Fla. said...

Everything looks absolutely gorgeous! Great photos...keep up the great work of admiring the garden, lol.

Best Wishes,

breachborn said...

Good to find you, Rusty.
I enjoy your blog"S" already bookmarked and looking forward to further reading!
I am doing an extensive search on mulches which lead me to your blog in the first place.
I just removed pounds of bark mulch-terrible stuff this.
I am using hay as I develop the flower garden but looking into a better aesthetic alternative.
Seriously considering Eucalyptus and wonder how you now find using this. I understand it creates a water barrier not unlike Cypress which I would never use due to its impact on Florida Ecosystem.
I appreciate every movie you listed!! I would list Last of the Mohicans #1.
Much appreciate the time and energy you have devoted to your garden living. SO VERY BEAUTIFUL!
All the best, Clare aka "breachborn"