Saturday, June 28, 2014

Is mango harvest time

Is that time of the year in South Florida, mangos are available for sale in every street corner.   This year my only mature tree did not produce any fruits, but my neighbor’s did.  I hope next year with the addition two more trees I should be able to enjoy plenty of mangos, to keep me going all summer. 

This week at the DragonFly Garden! 
Today, I planted more bee and butterfly friendly plants in the front of the house.

The puwerpuff tree is in bloom for a second time this year.  Bees love these flowers, is incredible to me how they get inside the flowers.

I finally got the Lychee tree I wanted for the garden. (You haven’t lived until you had a Lychee martini)  I got tired waiting for one of these trees to be available from the county free tree give away, so today I purchased one from a tropical fruit tree nursery.

My succulents are not having an easy time with all the daily rain; I lost a few so far this summer.

This morning I followed this male Julia butterfly around the garden with my Nikon telephoto camera.

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