Saturday, February 14, 2015

Maintenance time for the Creeper.

This weekend I started a two weekend project, pruning and rebuilding the trellis for the Rangoon Creeper bush.   The strong winds last week knocked down the trellis that was holding my creeper bush. For the first time since it was planted years ago, I pruned it down to the trunk (it took five full garbage cans to hold all the clippings).  This bush is aggressive, so I expect that it will be fully grown with flowers by summer.  Next weekend, I plan to rebuild a new and stronger trellis to hold the plant for years to come. 

Around the DragonFly garden this week

All my tropical hibiscus are in pots and doing well, this is one of my favorite.

Two for the price of one, nice surprise this week 

 Spring must be around the corner, my plumeria tree is beginning to show some flowers

This is a pink Angelwind Begonia. I had trouble with this plant in the past, this year I planted it in a pot and put it in the shade.

White Begonia 

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Susan said...

You've got a big job on your hands, but it's going to look great when you finish. Rangood creepers are beautiful!