Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hacking through the summer jungle

It has been a busy couple of weeks at the DragonFly garden; I am trying to put a dent on all the summer growth.  My goal is to trim one tree a day or until the garbage container is full.  So far I cut back all my fruit trees and a few of the flowering trees, except for the powderpuff tree in the front yard (For that tree I need professional help), many of the bushes and pulled out lot’s of weeds. 

 Back garden

Side gaden

Front garden

Powerpuff tree

The avocado tree was not easy

I’m also been busy starting some of the projects I mention in previous postings.  I started with the old vegetable garden, as you can see in the photos below.  I am turning this section of the garden into an all purpose garden, succulents, bromeliads and any extra plant that needs a home.  

I found this piece of wood on Sanibel Beach while on vacation this summer

Before picture, all that survived from the vegetable garden, were the chives and the mint plant


Misti said...

It looks great! Makes me miss my container gardens in Florida!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Wow, I think your 'jungle' looks fantastic.

Susan said...

Your garden looks beautiful! We do experience some tremendous growth in summer. I'm doing the same as you - trying to cut back some small trees. I love your piece of driftwood. You can't beat it in the garden. I had to chuckle about your powderpuff. My sister used to have one and every winter it would freeze and was a monstrous job to cut back since it was about 15' wide. They are pretty though!!!