Saturday, August 27, 2016

No professional help needed

The morning started with the idea of cutting a few branches from the powderpuff tree in the front of the house, the same tree that I was going to hired professional help to cut back.  Fast forward two hours later and I did it all myself.  My wife was not too happy this tree is her favorite.  Powderpuff trees are fast growing, so I expect it will be back full of flowers next summer.  I scheduled a bulk pick up with my county, hopefully it will be done within seven days, we get two free pick ups per year.
PS – I will not be doing that again.  

I got these orchids from a friend a few years ago; every summer I get many white flowers, this year has been spectacular.  If anyone out there knows the name of the orchid let me know.


Misti said...

Your orchids are Brassavolas. I had some when I lived in FL. Loves them!

Susan said...

Hi Rusty, I can't believe a powderpuff tree gets that big. About five hours north of you, here in central Florida, they are a very large bush. I had no idea they could actually be a tree. Lots of blooms on that beautiful orchid.

Anonymous said...

Brassavola nodosa