Saturday, October 08, 2016

The yearly hurricane practice run

So hurricane Matthew was in our neighborhood this week, we were so lucky that it decided to pass by one hundred miles offshore of Miami.  Every year we get a couple of these storms near by and every year we all go into hurricane preparation mode.  As far as my house goes, I have impact windows so the house is protected; my problem is everything I have in the garden.   I usually put most of my garden decorations and container plants inside my back porch and close the shutters. 
This year Matthew decided to come when my wife and I were on vacation in Colorado enjoying the beautiful fall colors.  We made it back to Miami on Wednesday morning in time before the local authorities closed the airport.

Today was a day of putting the garden back together and cleaning up the mess left behind by the tropical storm winds we got.  Overall everything was OK except for a couple broken branches and lots of leaves on the ground.  The people of Haiti, Eastern Cuba, The Bahamas, northern Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas were not as lucky, I hope and pray for a quick recovery for all affected.

 On a different topic here are some of the photos I took during my visit to the Rocky Mountains where fall colors were at peak time.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Glad your home and gardens were spared any real damages from Matthew. I live about an hour north of you and was also spared and very thankful.

What beautiful fall colors you were able to enjoy. Thank you for sharing them here on your blog.


Susan said...

Hi Rusty, Glad that Matthew didn't wreak havoc on your garden. Here in the central part of the state we had a lot of wind that left us with a very messy yard and no electricity for 33 hours. Preparing for a hurricane does remind me that I have a lot of pots and garden art that has to come inside. It looks like you had a great visit to Rocky Mountain National Park. The golden leaves are stunning. Thanks for sharing your pics.