Monday, April 02, 2007

A Joyous Holiday “Hag Sameach” to all our Jewish gardening friends.

This weekend was all hard labor in my garden. I been letting some of my plants get away from me and the tropical look was getting to be more like rainforest jungle look too much for my small place. I attacked with my electric saw, pruner and machete. Here is the result.

I cut down one of my Starburst bushes and will replace it with an avocado tree ( I also want to add a mango tree but I have not found the place for it yet); I also cut back the Angels Trumpet and a confederate Jasmine. Today my wife told me that we will be hosting our annual family Easter Holiday party in our back yard on Sunday. Our family takes turn hosting the party every year the person that was the host for this year at the last minute had to pull out so we volunteer our place. Our party includes egg hunt; barbecue and all the Easter trimmings for approximate 20 people including kids. “ I got to go, so much work to be done and so little time.”


Carol said...

I'm hosting Easter at my place, too. We will have an egg hunt, outdoors if it is isn't raining, regardless of how cold it is!

LostRoses said...

Well Rusty, at least you will have more room in your garden for the 20 people now that you have cut back a few things. Watch out for that machete!

Naturegirl said...

A JOYOUS holiday weekend to you!
Sure wish we had weather to tend the garden but with the {{{SNOWFALL}}} last night we can just hope for tomorrow! :) NG