Thursday, April 05, 2007

Tabebuia Caraiba or as is known around here The Yellow Tab Tree

This tree is now in full bloom in Southern Florida everywhere you go you see these magnificent yellow flowers, on the highways, parking lots and peoples front yards. Is so pleasant to drive up into a concrete jungle of stores and parking lots and be greeted by this beautiful tree.
The Yellow Tab comes from South America and it is very easy to grow. In the last few years it has become a favorite of developers and now you see it everywhere.
They grow almost by themselves, requiring little care from us in the way of water, trimming or fertilization. The less care you give it the more flowers it gives you.
The pictures are from my neighborhood this morning as I walked my dog Rosie.

This is my Yellow Tab tree in my front yard as you can see one or two flowers on the top and that is it, and is the same every year. Why you may ask? I have a sprinkler system that waters the entire front yard, this tree doesn’t like too much water. May be now that we have water rationing it will start flowering.


Carol said...

Those are beautiful trees. But I would think more people would have sprinkler systems and thus poor bloom like your tree?

Lawn Care Oviedo said...

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