Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Earth Day contribution to my garden

This weekend I took it easy around the garden, it was a nice weekend to reflect on what a blessing it is to have a garden, and the responsibility that we all share in keeping our planet green and healthy for all future generations.

I moved all my herbs to a sunny corner. I keep all my herbs in containers so I can move it around the garden, except for the Rose Mary bush.

I planted Sun Flower seedling in my old tomato bed. This is the first time that I am growing Sun Flowers this late in the year, will see how they do in our summer heat.

I did some maintenance to my Coleus; they took a beating last week from a storm that past by.

I added a new ornament in the garden, I call it “Los Tres Amigos” I found these cute frogs at BJ’s, they make a great addition to my collection of frogs.

Pictures from around the garden


Salix Tree said...

I love that bed of coleus, looks very tropical. Coleus never does well for me, unfortunately, neither indoors or out.
The froggies are a riot! We have a frog theme in our bathroom.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

The coleus look good, I would never have known that a storm had wreaked havoc there.

Those frogs are fun!!!!

Gary said...

I love that border bed with the coleus. Very impressive.

Jeanette said...

Your frogs are aptly named, love your Coleus borderand im in love with your yellow Bromeliad.

Brenda said...

Good name for the frogs, they are cute. A fun addition to your garden. Wish I could have some coleus here; but I don't have a shady spot to put them in. Maybe if the landlord gets the roof put on over part of our patio, then I will get some.

LindaD said...

Love the Frog Friends - Happy to see someone else trying things a bit 'late' in Florida. We're north of you and my planting timing is still way off. Pretty border..