Friday, October 31, 2008

The winter vegetables are in the ground

Today I finished my vegetable garden. This year I am planting tomatoes, peppers, carrots and squash.

The choices of tomato plants were not very good. The nursery where I usually buy my plants changed distributors and the plants were not up to the standards of previous years. I purchased sweet 100, yellow pear, jet star, and marglobe (the jet star and marglobe I've never seen before). Unfortunately, my favorite variety, cherry tomatoes, were not available.
This year the plants came in an environmentally-friendly container made of recycled cardboard.
About time--plastic containers are my biggest peeve. The green plants in the background are hollyhock volunteers.


Phillip said...

Hi Rusty, I have just helped a few of my friends plant out a similar selection of vegetable crops last weekend. Although they are usually grown as summer crops where I live they will grow year round in a sunny sheltered spot they are much more productive during the warmer part of the year. I hope we see those environmentaly pot here in Australia soon.

Chandramouli S said...

Vegetable crops are always fun, ain't they! And very rewarding too! Will keep checking out their improvements. Good luck with them.