Saturday, February 11, 2012

Full day in the garden

Today I spent a full day working in the garden. I worked on this corner of the garden, that has gone a bit wild. I trimmed some of the plants, pulled lots of weeds and expanded the flower bed. Tomorrow I'll put the finishing touches and post pictures on this blog.

My key-lime tree is full of flowers, I changed the pot to a more sunny location.

It looks like I'll be getting mangos this year. The mango tree I purchased this past summer is full of flowers, the tree is no more than three feet tall. This is the time of year when mango trees bloom in South Florida is quite a site.

Some of the broccoli are ready for harvest


Antique ART Garden said...

Geez, so much work . Wish I could throw you out in my garden and whip it into shape. Yours looks beautiful !

Brainna Mcslacker said...

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Tømrerfirma said...

The lovely garden and interesting also we can be know that and different types flower in the garden.