Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Torrential Rains last night

Last night we had torrential rains, and this morning I was a happy gardener. This area was in desperate need of rain, the last time we had any significant amount of precipitation was in mid December. The dry season was doing major damage to the local vegetation, early in the week we had a brush fire in nature preserve near my home, that threaten several homes and a school.
This morning I found all my starburst flowers on the ground, a small price to pay in exchange for a wet garden.

Below is a picture of the one and only rose bush in my garden. I have killed every other rose I planted, except for this one. This rose blooms all year long, there are no problems with deceases and the flowers have a sweet fragrance. The plant was a gift from my Dad, but it came with no name, until this weekend when an article in the local paper had a picture of the same rose, the "Blumenschmidt" rose (that's a mouth full)


Anonymous said...

wow what an awesome and hugh rose!!

Bernie H said...

Well it may be the only Rose you've managed to grow successfully, but it's certainly a beauty. Glad to hear you've had some decent rain at last.

Gone Tropical said...

Blumenschmidt, flowersmith, what a weird name for a rose :-) but it sure is a beauty!!

hendrixgirl3 said...

Thanks! I am always on the lookout for roses that can survive in Florida's heat!