Sunday, February 05, 2012

Is Starburst time

Is that time of the year when these trees put on a great show in South Florida and I have two in my back yard (one is in my neighbor's side of the fence)

Sometimes this tree can be a pain because of all the suckers, but then it blooms like this.

This succulent is not much to look at, but is interesting to see where is going.

This is the first gerbera daisy of the season (one of my favorite flower)

Congratulation NY Giants, great game.


Gone Tropical said...

I love the Clero 'Starburst' :-) and this year with the mild winter I will have flowers on mine as well, hopefully in a week or two.

Susan said...

Your starburst trees are a mere bush here in the central part of the state. Your are GORGEOUS!