Saturday, March 24, 2012

Another Saturday in the garden

Today was the hottest day of the year, the temperature and humidity was like if we were in mid summer. Whatever happened to Spring mild weather?

I worked on the front garden pulling a couple months of weeds and replacing the dead impatiens with Mexican heather(a good summer plant).
This is what's blooming around the garden. My favorite bromeliad.

The plumeria is beginning to bloom

Last week I attended an orchid show and come home with this beautiful begonia


Andrea said...

So jealous of your beautiful Plumeria. That is by far my most favorite flower! Unfortunately I live too far north in California to be able to grow it. Enjoy!

Ellen said...

Just red your previous posting re: Mexican Flame Vine. I, too, have it in my garden. It's spread out over my chain link fence and is heaven to look at. My next door neighbor has said that she loves to look out her bedroom window just to see the flowers.


Susan said...

Wow, plumeria blooms in wonderful! You're right it's starting to feel more like summer very quickly. I hope spring hangs around a bit longer. :)

NanaK said...

Everything is so colorful in your garden. The YTT tree in your header must smell wonderful this time of year. And a plumeria tree is quite different from my little stick w/ no leaves yet. Just a beautiful Saturday in your garden.

keewee said...

Love the color and texture of your new begonia. said...

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