Thursday, March 01, 2012

Tree pruning time

Today I left work early, trying to get home before dark to do some pruning in the backyard. Unfortunate the traffic gods were not with me, by the time I got home the sun was gone but I was determine to prune my brunfelsia tree. Friday is one of two garbage pickup days in my neighborhood, and is going to take a couple of pick-ups to get rid of this tree. By the time I finished, I was working in total darkness (I need more lighting in the backyard)

This big boy (the starburst tree) will be done by professionals, I'm getting to old for this.


Bernie H said...

Good work. It does get harder as the years pass doesn't it? I know my poor husband found the tree pruning that was necessary after Cyclone Yasi last year, extremely hard work. I think maybe next time we might consider getting professionals in!

FlowerLady said...

I love your brunfelsia tree and your starburst tree too. Pruning is something I have a hard time with, as in not wanting to do it. I've learned though that it is much better for the plants than letting them get scraggly and leggy.

I love your header picture and the pics in your sidebar show that you have lovely garden areas.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

Ami said...

wow, I did not know you need to trim that hard for brunfelsia tree. Do you do this every year? I have one, still a young bush.

Tree Service Queens said...

Never say you're getting too old! Your yard, your home, your's!! I love being an arborist and I will never get tired of it, home improvement is something magical.

-Oscar Valencia

Richard Smith said...

It seems like nothing could stop you from pruning your trees. Not even the dark! Haha! Anyway, I think leaving the task to the professionals doesn’t mean you’re old for the task; it’s just that the tree is very tall and it can be dangerous if you insist on climbing it.

Richard Smith