Friday, March 16, 2012

Road trip to the Florida Keys

Today we took a drive to the Florida Keys for a late lunch at one of the many great seafood restaurants along US1 down in the Keys. We drove all the way to Marathon, half way between Miami and Key West. You can't find scenery like this anywhere else in the US.

One of my favorite sites in the keys are the old Henry Flagler railroad bridges, that were built between 1905 and 1913. Today there not many sections left, some are use as fishing piers and bike ways. Other sections are in complete disrepair and not in use.

The old seven mile railroad bridge at Marathon has this sign asking for donation to save the bridge. Why isn't the state government financing the restoration of this historic bridge???

New seven mile bridge is next to the old bridge, that was converted to auto traffic after the hurricane of 1935 destroyed the Flagler railroad.

The Keys are not know for their beaches, but there many places along US1 where you stop and soak up the sun. This small beach near Islamorada was a favorite of my family, my wife and I used to bring our girls here when they were little for a day out on the beach.

It wouldn't be the Keys without Pelicans

See more pictures of the Florida Keys in my Flickr account.

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