Sunday, January 17, 2016

Spectacular orchid

This week I had a nice surprise waiting for me as I made the morning rounds in the garden.  This orchid plant has been in the garden for several years and it bloomed for first time ever.  I purchased the single leaf plant in an orchid show several years ago and forgot what it looked like.  An added bonus is the nice aroma coming from the flowers.

This week at the DragonFly garden.

Yesterday I worked in the front garden. I did some pruning, replaced old bromeliads and pressure cleaned the patio bricks.  Saturday is the only time that I have to work in the garden, this year my plans are to do a small space every week.  FYI the sixties are here and gardening is not as easy, as it used to be, these days I need Sunday to recuperate. 

The starburst trees are in full bloom, my garden is surrounded by three of these trees, one bellows to me and the others to my neighbor.

I photographed two new birds in the birdfeeder this week.  I am not sure what they are, I consulted my Audubon app in my phone and I am between.  The Orange-crowned Warbler, common in this area during winter and the Olive Sparrow not usually found in these parts.  If anyone has any idea what they are let me know.

Postscript:  These little guys are female Painted bunting, thanks to all the readers for writing in.


Lynn McIntosh said...

Hi Rusty, Your birds look like female Painted Buntings. They're called "greenies", well, because they're such a pretty green, lol. They usually arrive over here on the Gulf coast around September and stay until March. Look for the males that are spectacularly colored. Your orchid is beautiful! Always fun to find a surprise in the garden.

Susan said...

Hi Rusty, Your orchid is a real beauty. What a wonderful surprise! Your garden looks as beautiful as ever. Enjoy your cooler temps while they last.