Sunday, January 31, 2016

Vegetable and herb garden update

We finally got a beautiful weekend, and I took advantage of both days.  My vegetable / herb garden needed some help; the constant rain has not been good for anything I planted this year.   I pulled out most of the tomato plants and tidy up a bit.
This section of the garden is not getting much sun this winter; all the grown trees in the back garden are hurting the vegetable plants.  When I started planting vegetables in this corner of the garden, it got full sun all morning, now only a couple of hours. 

This week at the DragonFly Garden

I photographed another winter visitor to the garden, a Prairie Warbler.  This little guy spends winters in Florida, the Caribbean and summers in states from Georgia to New England. 


This owl nesting box was a Christmas gift from my niece.  A screech owl made a nest on a dead palm tree several years ago, so I’m hoping that it will happen again.  Nesting season starts in March.

These bananas were a total surprise, this banana plant was planted in a container for a long time and last summer planted it on the ground.

This coming weekend the garden is hosting my daughter’s baby shower, we expect around 30 guests.  I will be spending more time getting everything ready.

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