Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hiking “The River of Grass”- Part I

Yesterday I spent the day hiking the trails at the Everglades National Park (The River of Grass)  This is the time when locals like me go to the park for day trips. The park is a bit crowded, but it also has a tremendous amount of wintering birds and you can't beat the weather.

The Anhinga trail is the most popular trail in the park.,  The entire trail is boardwalk over the water, a great place to see alligators and birds.  This year the water level is high because of wet winter we are having and most of the wild life has gone somewhere else in the park looking for dry areas.

 The only alligator I saw all day.  It wasn't moving, so I wonder if it was prop put there by the park service.  Is not good PR for tourist going away without seen an alligator,

 The Gumbo Limbo trail, a jungle-like tropical  hardwood hammock.  This trails feels more like a rain forest that the wetlands of the Everglades.

The Mahogany Hammock trail, a boardwalk on a subtropical tree island

 Massive mahogany tree, not many left in the wild.

The Pa-hay-okee overlook, a observation tower with a great view of the river of grass.

Part II coming up and is all about the birds.

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