Tuesday, October 30, 2018

From hot and humid to cool and pleasant weather

In South Florida, we have two seasons, summer (hot and humid) and winter with cool and pleasant temperatures.  This week we finally got a cold front that reached all the way to the tip of the state.  When I say a cold front, I am talking about temperatures in the mid 60's in the morning and upper seventies and lower eighties by midday.  The best part about this time of the year is that we get a break from the high humidity.  November is a great time to start projects in the garden, and I have a few in mind.

This week I gave my Fire Dragon bush a haircut.  During the summer months, this plant has a gorgeous color but by this time of the year, it starts to lose the reddish color.

The first project I am planning for November is to take out the grass on this corner of the garden.  This area gets very little sun and it has been muddy must of year.

The second project I have in mind is to move all my succulent and cactus collection from the back garden to the front of the house, where they will get the afternoon sun.  I haven't planned this out yet, it will require moving many of my bromeliads.  

Birds visiting the DragonFly Garden this week.

This Gray Catbird is back, they are regulars every year and one of my favorite birds.  They spend most of the day hiding in the bushes and making sounds like little kittens. 

A second male Painted Bunting arrived this week, no sighting of any females.

This little guy was walking around my patio this week.  I need some help identifying him.


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