Sunday, January 06, 2019

The DragonFly Garden has its own weather station

What do you give the man that has everything for Christmas?  His own weather station, of course! My family knows that I have three obsessions in my life, gardening, electronic gadgets, and weather.  This Christmas, they got together and got me this miniature weather station for the garden (I had no idea this was a thing) The station outside transmit wireless to the display inside the house.  The station gives, temperature, humidity, (inside and outside) wind speed/direction, heat index, rainfall amount, barometric pressure, storm alerts and 24 hours weather forecast.  This is a very cool gadget, my wife thinks that it is weather overload, especially for South Florida where the weather doesn't change much, she is probably right but I like my new toy. 

This week at the DragonFly Garden

Two different Hibiscus flowers from the same plant. 

Bonsai Buganviella plant with flowers, one of my few bonsai successes.

Birds in the garden

I finally got a decent picture of the hummingbird

Mucking birds are common year-round residents, this one was watching me while I took pictures of the hummingbird.

This Prairie Warbler has been hanging around the garden this winter, I like the way this picture came out.

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