Friday, May 31, 2019

Summer time has arrived at the DragonFly Garden

Summer is here and you know it, temperatures are reaching the mid-90s every day and the swarms of hungry mosquitoes are all around.  Florida gardeners are accustomed to these conditions, that is why you will only find me outside early in the morning or early in the evening.  Unfortunate for me, that is peak feeding time for our mosquito friends. Traditionally May is the beginning of our rainy season, we average around 5 inches of rain.  This year according to my rain gage it has rain less than one inch.  My garden is holding up well despite the lack of rain, thanks to my sprinkler system and my rain-barrels.    

My meditation corner looks brand new after a new coat of paint.

Summer favorites
Bougainvilleas are in bloom throughout the summer

Rangoon Creeper or better know around here as Jasmin Manzano

 Kings Mantle

Gardenias are one of my summer favorites

Sometimes our cactus grace us with a flower

I don't see too many of the Gulf Fritillary butterflies in my garden, they have beautiful colors on both sides of their winds.

Today I took a video of the garden early in the morning, I posted it on my YouTube Channel check it out.  Warning I am not a very good videographer.

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