Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fall Garden project, three years to late.

Fall is the perfect time for South Florida gardeners to start big projects in the garden, the weather gets cooler and the mosquitoes go away. I been looking at this plot of land between my neighbors and my house for years with the idea that I have to do something there. The area gets shade all year long, the grass doesn’t grow well, and during the reining season the water stagnates there and creates a very messy garden. This area of the garden is the first thing any guest sees when they come into our home (it did not give a good impression)


AfterThe past two years we had to deal with hurricanes in the fall, so all we could do in the garden was clean up duty. This year I had no excuse, I took a week vacation from my job and jump into the project. At age 53 it takes me a long time to finish a project like this. After many breaks, dozens of beers, several trips to Home Depot and 52 bags of rocks the project is done. The project came in over budget, but what the heck if the government can not do any job on budget I don’t feel that bad.

So far the reviews from family and neighbors has been good. Today was a perfect day the weather was in the mid 70s and not a cloud in the skies, a perfect day to sit in my patio reading a book and listening to the water running in my new fountain. The tranquility did not last long my neighbor decided to have a party and the sound of loud salsa music penetrated the garden and the moment was gone.


LostRoses said...

Oh, I love how you've transformed this space! And having the sound of water there is the perfect touch. Very nice!

Brenda said...

Very nice transformation, looks very tranquil.