Sunday, October 15, 2006

Time to trim the Rangoon Creeper

Today I took a couple of hours in the morning to trim my Rangoon Creeper bush this is one of my favor plans in my garden. It is a high maintenance plant it needs constant trimming but it flowers all summer long and by this time of the year it goes into hibernation, time to trim it back. The flowers bloom in white the first day it change to pink and finally it ends up in bright red by the third day. The scent is like fresh apples, the garden at night it smells like an apple orchard. The name in Spanish is “Jasmin mansano” (Apple Jasmine)
Another problem with this plant is that every seed turns into a plant. I had to pull out over 30 baby plants this morning and they are not easy to pull out.

A pleasant surprise today while pulling weeds I found a baby ornamental palm growing at the bottom of the creeper bush. I pulled it out and have it in a container. How it got there who knows birds the air what ever it was is great to get a freebie. This palm is very common in South Florida and you see it all over in commercial buildings. If any one out there knows the name of this palm let me know.

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