Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Bees were out in force this morning in the Garden

I am feeling a little better from the flu this morning and could not resist doing some gardening. The weather is in the mid 70’s and a nice breeze is coming from the ocean, a perfect day for gardening.
My pink Ruellia (Also known as Mexican petunia and wild petunia) plant is spreading seeds all over the back yard and I have young seedling growing all over, so I decided to trans-plant some in containers and give them away to my neighbors. I can’t save them all but there will be more where these come from.
I have pink and purple Ruellias, the flowers open early in the morning and by late after noon they are gone. These flowers are very popular with bees and butterflies. I like the pink better the flower is smaller but the plant does not grow as high.

Bees visiting my Pentas and Blue Porter flowers


Bob said...

Wonderful pictures of the Pentas. All the bees have gone for there winter sleep up here. I enjoy your blog.
Bob of

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Love the little wild pansies. I also like those flat stones you have there.


Brenda said...

Looks like you had lots of transplanting work. Love the bee photos.
Hope you're feeling better.

Carol said...

In the summertime, it is not so obvious the differences in our climates. But, when I see pictures of your flowers blooming now, when all is dormant, or quickly heading that way, in my garden, it really shows the difference in climates!

La Gringa said...

I love ruellia. So tough and bloom forever. I like the pink best, too. Have you ever tried the low-growing purple one?

Carol said...

Glad to read your feeling better Rusty! Can't believe that it is still so warm in FL. Your round flat stones do look great!

Gary said...

Hope you feel better soon. I forgot about flu season being here.

I grew pentas here this year in Houston. I tried mostly New Wave, but I also had a few Grafitti. I have decided the Grafitti are by far the best of the two fo me. I also want to try some Butterfly pentas next year. They are really heavy bloomers.