Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Crotons are making a come back in Florida

I read an article in a local paper the other day about the benefits of the Croton plant, it mention how many local governments are recommending the plant because it is drought tolerant and it does well in our poor soil conditions.
When I started my garden I was not a big fan of Crotons, it reminded me of old Florida where you could find them everywhere. Little by little I have come around to be a big fan of this colorful tropical plant. There are many types of crotons and I am trying to collect as many as I can find in the local nurseries. A good source of information about this beautiful plant is The Croton Society.


La Gringa said...

I never liked Crotons much in Texas, but the wild colors seem to suit this tropical environment. A few months ago I bought 4 different kinds and they are doing well.

My favorite so far is the skinny-leaved one (I need to learn the names) with all the colors. It reminds me of a wild hairdo.

I like that purple one -- I have that one, too. Thanks for the link to the croton society.

LostRoses said...

Oh yes, crotons! I was never a big fan either, they were everywhere in the town I grew up in years ago in Florida. But lately they are featured a lot in the garden centers out here and I guess I have a new appreciation for their colorful foliage. I haven't gone so far as to buy one yet but who knows?

Salix Tree said...

I like the green one with yellow spots.
In Dublin, there is a large public garden, St. Stevens Green. There are loads of those particular plants. Strange, they are drought tolerant, you say? All we ever get here is wet!! I wonder why they chose to plant these?
I always liked them, they are evergreen, and cheerful looking. Never knew what they were called though.

Brenda said...

Thanks for the link to the Croton Society.