Saturday, November 11, 2006

Gardening will have to wait for another week

Lizzy the lizard among the mums

Yesterday I came home early from work sick; I could feel the yearly Flu coming on. Sure enough this morning I feel like I was run over by a truck.
I don’t understand why every year Flu season comes to Florida around this time when our temperatures only change a few degrees from summer. I think the weather excuse is an old wives tale; the real reason has more to do with the start of school. All those kids enclosed in a room passing germs to each other, then they go home and give it to their parents and the parents go to work and so on and on.
So any way I don’t have much energy to blog or do much of any thing except to sit in my couch and watch TV (college football) to bad is a beautiful day out side temperature in the 80’s

Here some pictures I took from around the garden this morning
Visitors to the Bird Bath

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JunieRose said...


I just found your blog from another one I read (Jeanette) so thought I'd check you out when I saw you're in Florida!

I enjoyed seeing your garden pics, especially the Crotons! I always liked them - so colorful!

We moved from Miami about 18 years ago to Ocala! (Lived in South Dade co. for most of my life)

Anyway- enjoyed your pictures.