Saturday, November 04, 2006

Winter herbs and tomatoes are in

Today was the day to plant my herb and tomato garden. As you can see by the picture the only plant that came thru the summer healthy was my Rosemary plant, all the others did not do well in our Florida summer heat.

This is my third year planting tomatoes the first year. I had a great crop of tomatoes, last year was a different story. The plants produced very few fruits most of the plants were attacked by some bug, the leaves shriveled, the flowers dropped and the few tomatoes that mature were not of very good quality. This year I am counting on my new experts friends in the blog sphere to help me out. I am trying a different strategy this winter; I got four different types of tomatoes, the cherry tomatoes (my favorite), sweet tomatoes, Jubilee and Bush Celebrity (I hope is not related to you know who otherwise my wife won’t eat it)

Since I am not the cook in my family the herbs that go in the garden depend on what my wife wants. The order this year was for Sweet and Italian Basil, Garlic Chives, Thyme, Rosemary and Peppermint. I added an Aloe plant not for eating but for the sunburns. I also put some Impatiens for color and might add more herbs later, it depends on the cook’s culinary mood.


What is blooming in the garden this week?

Bird of paradise on steroids!!!!!


Salix Tree said...

Hi! How nice of you to come visit my blog. And ooohhh.. what a lovely exotic garden you have! The angel's trumpets are just beautiful! And yellow orchids, how pretty they are.
I know all about being in the 50s and things always taking longer than they used to! I always take a lot of breaks as I garden, just sit and look for a bit!

Anita said...

Thanks again for your nice comment on my blog. Oh, you surprised me with your tomatoes! I am not at all familiar with your weather conditions in Florida. Over here in Germany, the tomatoe season has just finished. When are you expecting the first harvest?

Carol said...

Good luck with your tomatoes, and I hope El Nino doesn't lower your temperatures too much. I don't think tomatoes do well below 59 degrees or so. They'll live below that, but not thrive.

Gary said...

I may do some tomatoes. What kind of sweet tomatoes are you planting? I think I would like to try some.

rusty in miami said...

Thank you all for coming to my blog I am new to this medium is a lot of fun talking to fellow gardeners around the world.
Anita, our tomato season is from October to March and should be ready to harvest by Christmas
Carol, I am hoping “EL Nino” stays away from us, a few days in the 50’s and the tomatoes and other plants are done.
Gary, I got the plants in the local nursery mark sweet, I’ll have to wait until I get fruits to see what kind of tomatoes they are