Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday is a good day for Gardening

My family has a tradition to go shopping on black Friday. This year they did it without me, I had some gardening to do.
I found this container in one of my neighbor’s trash, after a little paint it looks like new. Today I went to the local gardening center and found this beautiful white Bougainvillea, perfect for the container.

While at the store I decided to buy some Petunias for some color in the back yard. Petunias are my wife’s favorite flower. (Got to keep the wife happy that way she won’t complaint about the gardening budget)

The bed of Coleus needed some weeding and cutting back. I took a few cutting to mix and match in a couple of container.



The rest of the weekend I will spend decorating the outside of the house for Christmas while the rest of the family works on the inside.


Sigrun said...

Hi Rusty, thank you for visiting my blog!
You write, your garden ist small, but it is pretty!


Gary said...

I am definately inspired by what you are doing. Very impressive. I love coleus. My favorite is the lime and white one. I'm not sure of the name.

I hope you have a fun weekend of gardening.

Brenda said...

I love the look of the area around the "pump", gorgeous!
Man, did you ever cut back the Coleus, they are but a shadow of themselves, LOL. They sure grow fast don't they? Nice container, amazing what people throw away in our society isn't it?
Happy gardening.

Jeanette said...

Hi Rusty
thank you for your visit and nice comments i hope you keep returning.your garden sure is pretty.and that pot you rescued looks like its got a good home.
ive just took alook at your bird bath how lovely to see all those birds drinking out of your bird bath. Take cre i shall return.

By the way Iposted some of my orchids in october and will be posting some of my roses the next few days

Carol said...

I did some "gardening", too, but it mostly consisted of cleaning up all the perennials and then chipping and shredding all the debris to put in the compost bins. Ah, I miss aarm weather already!