Monday, March 05, 2007

Are honey bees the new canary in the coal mine?

I was reading this weekend in the local paper how Florida beekeepers have lost around 40% of their bee hives to something called CCD or “colony collapse disorder”, in a mater of days the entire hive disappear. Experts believe the disorder compromises the bee’s immune system and inexplicably they flee the hives and die, they have no idea what is causing it. The cost to agriculture is going to be tremendous and that can be measure in dollars but the cost to human kind and Mother Nature remains to be seen.
What are we doing to our space ship Earth?????

The following are pictures from my quite garden.
Some of the plants I have in the quite corner are Fire Dragon, Variegated Ginger, Tricolor Ti, Foxtail Fern, Bougainvilleas, Impatiens and many more.


Brenda said...

What a beautiful space to spend some quiet time.
If we lose our bees we will be in big trouble. I am sure that this will be traced back to something that mankind has messed up as usual. We are so busy destroying ourselves, when will we stop?

Susan said...

Beautiful pics!