Thursday, March 15, 2007

STOP the clippers there is bird nesting in my bougainvillea

Today is Thursday day two of my Daylight savings experiment. “Working in the Garden after work”
The plan for today was, fertilize the grass and do some pruning to my bougainvillea bush in the front of the house. Half way thru the job I discovered that a Mourning Dove had decided to make a nest on top of my utility shed and among the bougainvillea plant I was planning to cut back.
This is not a very smart place for a nest but Morning Doves are notoriously lazy when building their nest. We have many neighborhood cats that would get to it very easily.
The Job has been stopped until mama and baby bird leave the nest


Tracey said...

What a sweet little dove!

Isn't daylight savings time great? So much more we can get done outside...

Gotta Garden said...

You are so sweet, Rusty, to give it a chance! I like that! Even if it is a mourning dove!

MrBrownThumb said...

Hey your coleus look really good.