Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Daylight Savings time was made for Gardening

Today at 5pm I did my Fred Flintstone imitation and ran out of the office (daba daba doo) straight for home, no more e-mails no more call back, I was a gardener on a mission to find out how much day light I would have left after getting home from work in my garden.
My typical commute is about a hour and half, today the gods of gardening were with me I made it home in 50 minutes. It turned out that an accident on the highway one mile before the exit where I go on, backed up all the traffic behind me. My fortune was someone else misfortune.
I was out in the garden by 6pm with my faithful companion Rosie the guard dog. I pulled weeds, water the pots and changed the water in the pond. By 7:30 it was dark and time to come inside.
From now on the plan is to go to the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and straight to the Garden on Tuesday and Thursday or maybe the other way around the gym is not that much fun.


Gary said...

I agree. A garden is definately more fun than a gym.

By the way, I absolutely love your garden. keep up the good work.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

You already have daylight savings time? We (in Holland) have to wait a few more weeks for that I'm afraid. Right now it gets dark around 6.30 to 6.45 in the evening. So most people are unable to work in their garden when they come home from work.

I'll think you'll end up going to the gym twice a week and to the garden the rest of the time. ;-)

Brenda said...

I would pick gardening over the gym anytime.
Glad that I don't have your commute, sounds dreadful.

Jeanette said...

Hi Rusty.
I can understand you hurry home to your lovely garden.
Our dayight savings end on 25march so days will start to get shorter, so have been out spending my spare time in the garden and taking a few more pics while my plants are still flowering will post them soon.

Gotta Garden said...

Yep, I'm with the crowd...go for the garden! Love Rosie...such a face!

An hour and a half commute...you need your garden! Of course, folks around here have commutes like that (my dh, for one), so hang in there!

I'm enjoying reading about what you're doing!