Sunday, March 18, 2007

The dreaded Water Restrictions are in.

We been waiting all winter for water restrictions and finally our local government announced it this weekend.
We are allowed to water our garden only three times per week between 12 mid night and 8 am in the morning. My house has an add number so my days are Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. Violators will get citations for $500.
We are told if things don’t get better up by Lake Okeechobee where we get must of our drinking water the restrictions will go to 2 days per week to maybe no watering at all.
(I hope it will not get to that)

This weekend before the restriction go in affect I decided to water pressure clean my stone back yard.

Pictures from around the Garden


Gotta Garden said...

Sorry about your water restrictions...I hope they get lifted. We've had them here in years past...hopefully, not this year.

LostRoses said...

12 midnight and 8AM is a little strict, isn't it? We're used to water restrictions here too (but probably not this year after all the snow we've had) but at least they give us after 6PM and until 9Am the next morning. Good idea to pressure-wash your stones while you can!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Water restrictions are a tragedy for a garden. Hopefully they won`t make them worse for you. Beautiful plants and Rosie is so sweet.


Jeanette said...

your garden looks nice along with that nice clean path. were been on restrictions 1 all summer can use a hand held hose , pressure cleaners to clean car only if on lawn. no pathways. and sprinkler systems midnight till 8am.But Melbourne 3hrs away are on restiction 4 only allowed to water garden by hand twice aweek from midnight till 8am no lawns or cars my friends get up at 6 am to water there garden.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi Rusty,

Your garden looks great at the moment and I hope those water restrictions will not get any worse.

Perhaps you could look into the possibility of grey water use?

I don't know how much rain you get, but over here I have 2 big barrels to collect rainwater and am thinking of buying two more.

Just a thought!

rusty in miami said...

Hi Yolanda I been think about that but I need a way to collect the water from the roof.