Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Day three of my gardening marathon

Today I continued with my front yard make over. I finished the long bed along the walkway to my front door.

I got these ground orchids at a bargain price of $10 for both and divided both into 17 individual plants. The solar lights are from my back yard (where they were not getting much sun). The front garden faces the west and it gets plenty of afternoon sun so the lights should do well there.

I also finished the bed by the side of the street where I have a beautiful Lantana bush. I wanted to make the bed bigger but that part of the property belongs to the county. Usually they don’t care what you put in it, as long as it doesn’t interfere with traffic. There are rumors that Comcast, our cable company, is going to put new underground cables in our neighborhood and, if that happens, they will dig up everything and will not replace anything planted except for grass.

Today I finished early and went to have lunch with my parents. Tomorrow I am going to work on the flowerbed on the other side of the walkway. The job continues!


Frances, said...

Good work, Rusty. Your improvements will be paying off in happier plants it looks like. Post a picture when those ground orchids bloom, that should be quite a sight!

Frances at Faire Garden

verobirdie said...

I agree, You've done a lot of good work in your week of. Your garden is really pretty!

Vanillalotus said...

That looks great. What a great deal you got for those orchids!