Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day two of my gardening marathon

Today I moved the gardening to the front of the house; I am making new borders around the entrance of the house and using new stone borders for some of the existing beds (My back is killing me tonight)
I finish this round bed in the front. It did not turned out the way I had planed. This morning when I visited my local nursery, they were having a sale on Bromeliads. I couldn’t resist buying some (I have a weakness for Bromeliads) in addition I added a couple of Crown of Thorns to compliment the ones I already had in that bed.
Over all I am satisfied with the way it turned out, this is a very sunny location and I am not sure how the Bromeliads are going to do there, but if I see any problems I can always transplant them somewhere else.




Catherine said...

Day one looks like a lot was accomplished! I wish I could grow Bromeliads outdoors..beautiful plants!! Hope your back is feeling better! :D I left a comment on an older post~about the mystery vine...I left a link for you to check and see if you think your vine could be the Convolvulus tricolor~dwarf morning glory vine...usually have yellow and white centers and the leaves looked heart shaped..hope the link helps!
Happy gardening!

Vanillalotus said...

Wow Rusty you give yourself a hard time. I think that looks stunning really it does! Most of the time what we do does not come out to what we plan and what our mind thinks up. I personally love the color combination and textures. I like how the texture of the bromeliads off sets the flowers from the crown of thorns. It makes the flowers pop out more and the green of the leaves really stand out against the orange. I'm a fan of the orange and dark purple colors mixing I think it looks great. And of course the orange and green really pop. It might not have been what you planned but it really makes me go WOW. A really eye catching mixture of plants that I think plays off all their assets.

Cabs said...

Great beginning here. The colors are great. I'll look forward to seeing how you proceed!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

I love before and after pics of gardens! And although I liked the before, the after looks even better!

Enjoy your holiday!

gintoino said...

Wow rusty! That looks like "blomeliad fireworks"! Astonishing!!!

Matt and Jen said...

We have the exact same stone/brick/rock border things that you had in your before garden, but I love your new borders! And I do appreciate the amount of work that went into that. Trust me. lol

Great job!-Jen :)

N. & J. said...

Gorgeous changes!