Sunday, March 02, 2008

The front yard renovation begins.

This past week I had my front yard “Black Olive Tree” removed. Yes folks, I, the self-professed environmentalist had a beautiful tall tree cut. I've been sick about it all week but I had to do it.
I planted this tree when I first moved to this house back in 1990. Two years later the young tree (and everything else in my garden) was knocked down by hurricane Andrew. That was a sure sign that this was the wrong tree for my small front yard but I replanted it and the tree continued to grow.
Since the initial restoraton, I have had to prune the tree every couple of years to keep it from potentially falling on our roof during hurricane season (a very expensive proposition). Then, this year I finally came to the conclusion that the tree had to go. It had grown monstrously big for my garden, the roots were damaging the sidewalks, and the expense of constant pruning for hurricanes was too much.

In its place I planted a more appropriate front-yard tree, a gift from a fellow gardener. The new tree is a “Calliandra Haematocephala” or Powderpuff tree. It grows about 15 feet tall, is drought-resistant, and it flowers four to six months of the year. The flowers are beautifully "bushy", with a wonderful color and the tree looks great.

Flower of powerpuff tree

Around the tree, I transplanted the multi-color Lantanas I had around the old tree. I also added these purple Bromeliads from my back yard (an inexpensive flowerbed).


Meems said...

It is so true that all too often we don't do the research or have the forethought to realize what a tree "will become". We've all done it and sometimes we make mistakes.

I'm sure you will love the powder puff blooms. Isn't it hard to get used to such a change at first?

Nancy said...

Trees live so long we forget sometimes, that they aren't forever things. It will be a different feel in your front yard for a while, but gardening, like life, is change.

Jan said...

It is a shame you had to cut the tree down, but you had good reasons. Better to cut it down now, than have a hurricane knock it onto your house or car. The new tree looks like it will be a nice fit for the area.

Jan Always Growing

verobirdie said...

Sorry for the olive tree... The Powderpuff tree will look good too. I like those puffy flowers.

Cabs said...

Sad indeed to loose the tree but it sounds like what you have now planted will be much better. I found your blog thru blotanical. I'll be checking in. Stop by for a visit some time.

Jeanette said...

Hi Rusty, Sorry your olive tree had to go but saftey first it would make a huge mess if it fell on the house. Ohh I love the powderpuff flower,,, I want one,,

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Rusty I can understand why you were sick for a week about your decision to cut down the tree but it was the right decision. You don't want to worry about the potential danger that tree certainly was.

I have heard of the powderpuff girls before (a cartoon) but not of the powderpuff tree. It looks great though and i love the flowers.

Emily said...

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