Friday, March 28, 2008

New visitors to the garden

This giant green lizard (don’t know the name of this type) visited the garden this week. This species is not native to South Florida, but is commonly seen these days, thanks to man and our obsession for owning exotic wild life. People buy them as pets then release them in the wild when they tire of them. These lizards are very destructive to the bird population as they eat the eggs from nests.

This beautiful Black Swallowtail butterfly was flying around the garden this morning. I have planted many butterfly-friendly plants in the garden and I am happy to see that the beautiful creatures are coming around.

Last week, I spent my week off working in the garden; the work was tiring but exhilarating. I want to thank you for all the nice comments you posted on my blog.
This week I have not been able to spend any time outside with my plants since my "day job" has consumed all my time. My company is changing our computer system next week (no easy task for an airline that flies worldwide) and the stress level has been high, the hours long. We are preparing for the worst (hundreds of passengers without reservations and no flights to check-into at airports). We also are hoping for the best and maybe it’ll turn out similar to the Y2K scare--to quote Will Shakespeare, "much ado about nothing."
As for me, I am thankful to have a nice garden to come home to, unwind, and enjoy with a glass of wine and my faithful companion, Rosie, by my side!


Cabs said...

I've been out of the blotanical loop for a few days myself. Good to catch up on your posts. Too bad about those "lizards gone wild!" Mankind... whatever are we going to do with them? Hope the airline whoas don't keep you out of your garden too long.
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Wicked Gardener said...

I've heard those lizards are problem near Miami. Wow. He's big!

Hinsley Ford said...

Oh, what a beautiful picture. I have never seen anything like this butterfly. Amazing, nature's delights!!

Just stopping by through a long gardening blog path :)